The Society shall have the following standing Committees and such other Committees as may be determined by the National Executive Council from time to time for the smooth and effective running of the Society.

Education Committee

Finance Committee

Business Committee

Projects Committee

Security Committee

Women Affairs Committee

Children Affairs Committee

Public Relations Committee

Welfare Committee

Membership Committee

Youth Empowerment Committee

Information Technology and Broadcasting Committee (IT)

Economic Empowerent Committee

Health Committee

Legal Committee

Disciplinary Committee



    The Committee shall make recommendations on educational matters through its Secretary to the Branch Executive Council.

    The Committee shall monitor the quality and relevance of lectures to be delivered by the Mission Board.

    The committee shall be responsible for the contents and the quality of the Educational programs for the use of all educational institutions established by NASFAT.

    The Committee shall be responsible for the development and training and re-training programme of the Mission Board members.

    The Committee shall be responsible for development and review of educational policy of the society.

    The Education secretary shall be the chairman of the committee.


    The Financial secretary shall be the chairman of the committee.

    The Committee shall prepare the annual budget of the society.

    The Committee shall prepare the financial statements of the society

    It shall review the revenue and expenditure profile of the society from time to time and shall forward its report and observations to the society through the National Executive Council.

    Shall summon any officer of the society or member of a committee to clarify any issues as regard revenue and expenditure of the society.


    The committee shall be headed by the Welfare Secretary.

    The Committee shall be responsible for all Welfare related activities of the Society.

    Shall coordinate all social activities of the Society

    Shall handle all social or religious programs to which the Society is invited and shall promptly inform the Mission Board and any other relevant organ of the society of such invitation.

    Shall collaborate on behalf of the society with other welfare related organizations.


    The Committee shall be headed by the Business Secretary.

    The members must be people of proven integrity and must be good managers of resources.

    The Committee shall make proposals and seek approval of the Executive  before undertaking any investment.

    All contractual dealings entered into or likely to be entered into or had been entered into shall be referred to the Legal Committee for review, advice or approval. Provided that no contract shall be entered into and or ratified without the approval of the Legal Adviser.

    The Committee shall make quarterly financial reports to the  Branch Executive Council as the case may be.


    Shall be responsible for the management and maintenance of all projects of the Society.

    Shall advise the Branch Executive Council in respect of proposals on acquisition of lands and other properties.

    Shall co-ordinate and supervise the building of the Mosques and other projects of the Society.

    The Committee shall consist qualified professionals in Architecture, Engineering, Surveying, Law and other related professions.

    The Projects Secretary shall be the Chairman of the Committee.

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