Our programmes are multi-dimensional and are aimed at the general well-being and development of members and the society at large. The programmes can be broadly categorised as spiritual, economic, social and educational.

General Programmes

All strata of the membership of the society attend the general programmes.

The major programmes are:

    Asalatu session, every Sunday morning, from 11.00am – 3.30pm

    Tahajud session, the night of every last Friday of the month (12.00am till Subhi)

    Ramadan programmes (throughout the holy month)

    Lai-latul Quadri (night of majesty)

    Family Chat

    Hadith and Fiqh sessions

    Youths Empowerment

    Jumat Service every Fridays and

    Daily Salat Sessions

Children Affairs: Programmes and Activities

Spiritual/Educational Programmes

    Nursery and primary classes during the hours of 5:00pm - 7:00pm on Fridays, 2:00pm -4:00pm on Saturdays and  1:00pm – 3:00 pm on Sunday during the Asalatu session.

    The classes focused on Islamic, western and moral education.

    Lectures on topical Islamic issues

    Quarterly quiz competitions (inter-class within a branch of the society, and inter-branch across various branches of the society)

    Ramadan lectures

    Establishment of well equipped children’s library with relevant journals, periodicals and magazines.

Women Affairs (One Nasfat Sisters): Programmes and Activities

Spiritual/Educational Programmes

    Lectures on topical Islamic issues

    Quaranic quiz competitions amongst women across branches

    Ramadan lectures

    Organising lectures, workshop and training on contemporary issues such as

    Child and labour abuse

    Causes and effects of polygamy

    Problems and challenges of widowhood

    Survival strategy in a challenging environment like ours


    Family planning and child spacing

    Understanding Tye and dye

    Preparing baby food


    Visitations to hospitals and prisons

    Guidance and counselling of youths, especially those in the youth wing of Nasfat

    Organising guzlu for muslim women reverts

    Participation in the holiday retreat/camping activities of our children

    Participation in Eid-el Fitri get together and fun fare

    Welfare assistance to some needy members of the society

    Picnics, Family trips etc

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